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ad listing Jabiru J200 for Sale thumbnail

Jabiru J200 for Sale

A Good reliable aircraft, a delight to fly cross country with 2 axis auto pilot and the convenience of the back door for loading l...

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ad listing Eurofox 3K - 5051 thumbnail

Eurofox 3K - 5051

One of the nicest flying RAAus aircraft available. STOL performance with close to 100KIAS cruise all while sipping less than 20 li...

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ad listing no image


Aircraft painted and completed except for doors and electrical ...

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ad listing Kangawallafox  thumbnail


Built in 2022, this aircraft holds the current Australian record for the most touch-and-go circuits in one day, which was complete...

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ad listing Eurofox 3K thumbnail

Eurofox 3K

Meticulously maintained and managed example of this beautifully balanced aircraft! 24-4844 is an AeroPro 3k Eurofox first regi...

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ad listing savannah s thumbnail

savannah s

savannah s model for sale...

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