Aviation Classifieds (powered by Recreational Aviation Australia Ltd – RAAus) is Australia’s newest, purpose built aviation based classified website and is seamlessly integrated with RAAus’ database of registered aircraft, offering RAAus members and aircraft owners the cheapest and easiest way to sell their aircraft.

Aviation Classifieds is also available for members of the public for advertising and purchasing aviation-related goods. You don’t need to be a member of RAAus to sell or buy and aircraft.

RAAus members can begin their listing with the click of a button in their members’ portal and will receive FREE advertising in Sport Pilot magazine for each ad placed online for the small fee of only $33.

Aviation Classifieds is a simple, bright and fully functional classifieds website without the clutter and without the hassle. Place your ad today!

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Aviation Classifieds and the URL www.aviationclassifieds.com.au are owned and operated by RAAus. RAAus is Australia’s leading privately operated sport and recreational aviation company. RAAus offers members pilot training and education, aircraft registration, specialised insurance and a strong voice in the aviation sector in Australia.

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