To advertise online and in the Sport Pilot magazine
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Advertising rates start at $33 (incl GST) per month for online advertising. You can include up to 5 photos and 1000 words of text online. Advertising rates include an ad in Sport Pilot Magazine, which is limited to one photo and 50 words. Advertisers are responsible for cancelling their ad. No refunds will be issued for ads where the advertiser sells a product and fails to cancel their ad. RAAus offers advertisers the opportunity to auto-renew ads, it is an advertisers responsibility to turn off this feature.

The deadline for ads to appear in Sport Pilot is the 15th of the month prior to the cover date of the issue.

The Aviation Classifieds section in Sport Pilot subsidised by RAAus and its members and is for non-commerical sales only. As such, even though your ad is guaranteed to be online, inclusion in the magazine will be at the discretion of the Editor. Before purchasing any aircraft/engines/equipment that appear in the Aviation Classifieds, make sure that the technical details and registration information is correct for that type and model of aircraft/engine/equipment.

RAAus and Stampils P/L takes NO responsibility for the technical accuracy of the details and information attached to each advert online and in Sport Pilot magazine and may not be able to transfer the aircraft purchase. RAAus also reserves the right to edit or delete advertisements, which are deemed inappropriate or mis-leading. RAAus and Stampils Publishing reserve the right to withdraw from publication, without refund, any ad deemed unsuitable, including low quality or faulty images.

Neither RA Aus norStampils Publishing accepts responsibility for advertising errors or omissions. Advertisers are also responsible for assessing both the integrity of potential buyers, and the risks that attend online transactions. The long standing principle of caveat emptor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caveat_emptor) applies.

Since phishing scammers may contact advertisers using the RAAus website, you are strongly encouraged to familiarise yourself with the ACCC’s guidelines for recognising and guarding against online scammers (https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-protection/protecting-yourself-from-scams).

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